3 Keys to an Improved eCommerce Customer Experience

In order to be more competitive, online sellers are increasingly looking to non-product differentiators to get a leg up with customers. Shipping is moving into the spotlight as one of the key factors that can lure and retain online buyers. Recent estimates suggest that over half of shoppers browse products online based on available shipping methods.

Here are three keys to creating an online shopping experience that will make customers want to return to your eCommerce website, again and again:

  1. Make shipping as seamless as possible
    Customers have many choices for online shopping, and the next vendor is only a click away if the experience becomes difficult or frustrating. The more seamless and transparent the shopping journey is, the more likely a customer will be to complete their purchase – and with a high level of satisfaction. Using a “plug-in” that automates the shipping process improves the experience for your customers and helps ensure that their shipments meet the promised delivery schedule.
  2. Have an integration and implementation plan
    Selecting the right transportation management system for your eCommerce business is half the battle. Talk with a shipping expert who can guide you in choosing the right solution for your business. This should include a review of your unique shipping needs as well as your current internal processes – from your eCommerce setup all the way to your ERP or accounting system and how it integrates with your transportation management system. Glitches in implementation can translate directly to unhappy customers, so also be sure you have access to the expertise required to make the eCommerce applications work flawlessly with your website. Your 3PL shipping partner can be a good source of integration expertise for a variety of technologies and applications.
  3. Offer a variety of shipping options – including faster delivery
    eCommerce survey data shows a trend toward higher demand for faster delivery, and customers suggest they are willing to pay extra for that service. Any automation solution your business is considering should offer the flexibility to expand and enhance your shipping options as new fulfillment capabilities become available for LTL freight, small package and more.

Online commerce moves fast. With shipping and delivery becoming an increasingly important piece of the online purchase decision, be sure you are ahead of the curve with a flexible, integrated solution that translates to a seamless shopping and delivery experience.