Freight FAQs

Get answers to common shipping questions with Unishippers Freight FAQs.

What information do I need to get a freight price quote?

In order to get the most accurate freight price quote, we need to know your shipment origin and destination (from where and to where), commodity description, weight, dimensions and class. You also need to indicate the insurance needed and whether a lift-gate is needed to load your shipment.

Do you offer heavy freight services?

Yes. We have an extensive network of freight partners ready to assist you in getting your shipments to their destinations. Please contact your Unishippers office for more information about our LTL, TL and other freight services.

I have a great relationship with my local carrier. Why do I need Unishippers?

Unishippers offers you access to more than 65 national, regional and local carriers all from one company. You can select the best carrier for you based on pricing, timing and service levels with one call to us or by using our transportation management system. Unishippers will work with you and your current carriers, adding support and value to what you’re already getting. We’ll provide assurance that you are getting the best possible rates – something only Unishippers can provide. With dozens of carrier partners and a full spectrum of service offerings, Unishippers can also provide additional options should you ever need them. But beyond your current relationships, we can provide better rates, better tools and more control than you probably experience now.

How do I know your carriers will handle our freight the same as our current carrier?

Unishippers only partners with freight carriers that meet our high expectations. They know Unishippers has high expectations and they must compete against all of our other carriers if they want Unishippers to choose them in the future. We are confident you will find that our partnered carriers will exceed your expectations.

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