Unishippers - Now a Top-Ranked Global 3PL

SALT LAKE CITY – Leading supply chain knowledge and market researcher, Armstrong & Associates, Inc. (A&A), has recognized Unishippers and sister company, Worldwide Express, in the annual 3PL Industry Update and Outlook report based on the company’s 2017 revenue. This A&A ranking is a reflection on the volume of small and medium-size business (SMB) owners that rely on the 3PL’s service offerings.

The companies’ combined gross logistics revenue earned them the #26 spot in the list of Top 50 U.S. 3PLs, and one of the Top 50 3PLs globally.

In today’s quick-evolving supply chain landscape, SMB shippers are trusting 3PL providers to be their right-hand aide to maneuver through the complex state of shipping. A&A, the market analysts, reported that finding a mix of integrated 3PL offerings is a must to keep up with the growing demands ecommerce ignites.

“Over 30 years ago, we pledged to be the 3PL expert and to offer end-to-end support for small to medium size business owners, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities and capabilities,” said Steve Leavitt, President of Unishippers. “In our decades of experience in the shipping industry, we’ve seen the ebb and flow of industry trends. We’ve always adapted and come out more successful than before, and we’re looking forward to our continued growth.”

With freight capacity continuing to shrink, access to trucks, multiple carrier and mode options and state of the art technology are required to support business shippers. This alone is driving the high demand for 3PL providers who offer reliable carrier partnerships and know there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to logistics. Unishippers is at the forefront of integrating ‘value-added’ technology into their processes while providing the ‘must have’ assortment of offerings to customers through vast connections with carrier partners.

“Advocacy for the shipper is our top priority, and working with a 3PL that understands the multifaceted shipping landscape is crucial for small to medium size business owners looking to scale their businesses,” said Leavitt. “True partnership is meeting key performance benchmarks by having the right resources and carrier partners available and delivering ongoing advocacy and support to customers.”

Unishippers was created with the simple idea that by partnering with major shipping suppliers and reselling their services, increased discounts and higher levels of customer service would be passed through to small and medium-sized businesses. Unishippers listens to the pain points within a company’s current shipping process and then uses a streamlined method to help them scale their business, providing rates and customer service generally reserved for Fortune 500 companies. As advocates for small business, Unishippers will work directly with its vast network of top carrier partners to provide the highest quality service at the best possible rate.

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