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Learn how Unishippers shipping experts can help you streamline your reverse logistics, to save money and ensure a positive experience for your customers.

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When you need to ship products backward in your supply chain, Unishippers experts can help you streamline your reverse logistics and ensure your shipping methods and processes are optimized to save money and avoid hassles. Plus, our robust online transportation management tools help make managing these shipments easy.

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What is Reverse Logistics?
Reverse logistics is the process of moving inventory, raw materials, or finished goods from the end-user back to the manufacturer or original seller. Customers use reverse logistics to receive unsold inventory, provide servicing, to ensure proper disposal, or for refurbishing.

When is Reverse Logistics Used?
Reverse logistics management is beneficial for customers who have an ongoing need for activities after initial purchase, such as:

  • merchandise exchanges
  • returns
  • product recycling
  • refurbishing
  • returnable container tracking
  • receiving unsold goods
  • rentals and leasing
  • repairs and maintenance

Why Implement a Reverse Logistics Plan?
Logistics is an important matter that can directly impact revenue and customer satisfaction. A company can miss asset recovery revenue if it doesn’t have a system in place to recycle, reuse, or safely dispose of returned products.

There are many benefits of reverse logistics management. A well-calculated reverse logistics management system can:

  • reduce storage costs
  • reduce distribution costs
  • maintain customer satisfaction
  • address recalls
  • process returns quickly

Partner with Unishippers for Expert Reverse Logistics Management
Regardless if you are putting together a plan for the first time or are looking to optimize your current reverse logistics plan, Unishippers is equipped to create a cost-effective strategy for your business.

Contact Unishippers today to see how we can benefit your business with our reverse logistics service.

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