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Expedited Logistics and Freight Services for Shipping on a Deadline

If your freight shipment needs to be delivered on a rigid schedule or as fast as possible, expedited shipping ensures your freight makes it to its destination on-time. Our network of more than 65 national, regional and local carriers provides customers with quick access to multiple expedited freight shipping rates and the fastest routes available.

Expedited shipping cuts out wasted time and avoids unnecessary delays by streamlining the delivery process and route. Freight shipments will typically be sent by air in order to reach its destination quickly but may also involve other modes of transport that will ensure your cargo arrives on time.

There is a cost premium for time-sensitive shipping – so expedited freight is recommended only when you don’t have the luxury of planning ahead.


Why use Unishippers for Expedited Freight Shipping?

Unishippers is an experienced third-party logistics provider (3PL) that understands the complexities of expedited freight deliveries. People choose Unishippers because:

  • We have 65+ carrier relationships to help you get multiple quotes at once to save you time and money.
  • When ground shipping isn’t enough, we can coordinate air shipping.
  • We can offer expedited shipping within the United States and Canada.
  • Our customer service can help you find the most efficient means to get your freight where it needs to be and help you navigate time regulations and government mandates.
  • We consistently meet demanding pick-up and delivery times.
  • 24/7 booking and expedited freight tracking so you always know where your shipment is located.

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Expedited Freight FAQs

How Fast is Expedited Freight?
With expedited freight, it means that your shipment will be delivered faster than normal. If the usual shipping time is five days and arrives in three days, that is considered an expedited delivery. When expedited trucking isn’t enough, freight will often be sent via air. If you need a day-definite delivery, your business may want to consider Express Shipping.

What is Express Shipping?
UPS Freight offers domestic and international express shipping options. For domestic shipments, UPS Next Day Air® and UPS Next Day Air® Freight assures your shipment arrives at its destination the following day, and UPS 2nd Day Air® offers time-definite delivery within two days when shipping within the United States. UPS Express Critical® Domestic Shipping is the fastest option for urgent shipments to all 50 states and Puerto Rico for quicker delivery.

For international shipments, consider UPS Express Critical® International or UPS Worldwide Expedited® for next-flight-out options. Cross-border shipments must pass through customs, so rely on Unishippers’ expertise to help avoid delays.

Why Use Expedited Shipping?
The main reason is to get your shipment to its destination quickly, other reasons include:

  • Shipping Perishables: if you’re shipping items such as fresh produce, meat, or fresh flowers.
  • Shipping Medical Supplies: a medical company that needs equipment or biological materials such as cell cultures, tissue samples, and life-saving medications.
  • Emergency Parts: businesses in need of parts when manufacturing equipment breaks down and stalls production.
  • eCommerce: online retailers that need to get products to customers quickly.

Anyone can use expedited shipping for any urgent delivery need.

Unishippers Deliver Orders Faster with Expedited Shipping

Unishippers is partnered with more than 65 carriers to provide your business with options to get your shipment expedited. With our freight TMS, you’ll have expedited freight tracking at your fingertips. When time is of the essence, don’t delay. Get a shipping quote from Unishippers for expedited freight shipping now.

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