Shipping to Canada & Mexico

Simplify your freight shipping to and from Canada or Mexico with our cross-border services.

It’s time to stop worrying about cross-border freight issues, and instead say “Hola” or “Good day, eh” to smarter, simpler shipping to and from Mexico and Canada!

Unishippers has partnered with a carefully selected group of carrier partners that can expand your business’ reach exponentially through cross-border freight shipping. Through this powerful network, you have access to an affordable alternative to conventional ground or air freight in and out of Canada and Mexico.

Shipping between US and Canada

No matter if you have a need for shipping from US to Canada, or from Canada to the US – Unishippers can save you time and money! Unishippers helps you find the best rates and fastest routes from multiple carriers in our network.

Check out our Guide for Freight Shipping to Canada

Concerned about the logistics of going from national to international shipping? Don’t be! The team of experts at Unishippers is fully equipped to help you prepare all the necessary documentation for your shipment, as well as assist you with customs clearance. The Unishippers team is also primed to help you resolve any potential issues with your shipment before they turn into costly delays.

Shipping between US and Mexico

If you’re shipping to Mexico, count on Unishippers logistics experts to build the optimal solution for your small business. Unishippers finds the best combination of transportation to efficiently get your freight across the border whether it’s by air, sea, or ground. Additionally, we are a UPS preferred partner. See how Unishippers technology and partnerships with more than 65 top national carriers help cross-border freight shipping clients manage their cargo more efficiently.

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