Cross-Border Freight Shipping

Ship to and from Canada or Mexico with cross-border services.

You wouldn’t let the success of your small or mid-sized business be held back by negative-thinking, lack of action, or small ideas, right? Why would you allow it to be held back by something as simple as a national border, then?

Unishippers has partnered with a carefully selected group of carrier partners that can expand your business’ reach exponentially through cross-border freight shipping. Through this powerful network, you have access to an affordable alternative to conventional ground or air freight in and out of Canada and Mexico.

Cross-border freight shipping has some unique advantages for your business. If you’re looking for faster transit times than traditional LTL shipping, but would like to pay generally lower rates than air freight, Cross-border freight shipping may be just the solution you’re looking for to get your next shipment in or out of Mexico or Canada.

Concerned about the logistics of going from national to international shipping? Don’t be! The team of experts at Unishippers is fully equipped to help you prepare all the necessary documentation for your cross-border shipment, as well as assist you with customs clearance. The Unishippers team is also primed to help you resolve any potential issues with your shipment before they turn into costly delays.

It’s time to stop worrying about cross-border freight issues, and instead say “Hola” or “Good day, eh” to smarter, simpler shipments to and from Mexico and Canada!


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