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Unishippers makes filing a claim as simple and painless as possible.

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Unishippers wants to make sure that your claims process is as smooth and simple as possible. Follow the steps below to ensure that your claim is filed correctly to give you the greatest chance of success.

UPS Capital® Small Package Claim

Download a guide that will walk you through the process of filing a UPS small package claim and answer some common questions about small package shipment insurance.


UPS Capital® Freight Insurance Claim

If you have purchased freight shipment insurance through UPS Capital, get our instructions on filing a freight claim and tips for managing the freight claims process.


5 Tips to Filing Successful Freight Claims

1. Inspect and Note Any Visible Losses
If possible, inspect and note any losses before you sign the delivery receipt. Mark any damages on the BOL and have it signed by the driver to be submitted with the claim. Do not refuse the shipment unless the damage has rendered your shipment worthless.

2. Preserve Packaging and Prevent Further Loss
If you discover damage after accepting the shipment, stop unpacking the shipment and retain all packaging. Take steps to reduce further damage to the goods. Do not discard damaged goods, packaging or container seals until the surveyor has had a chance to investigate the loss.

3. Report the Damage and File the Claim Form on Time
Be sure to fill out the claim form completely and as soon as possible. Neglecting to take the time to understand and properly complete the claim form can often lead to a rejection of the claim. Contact your Unishippers office if you need help obtaining the necessary claim form.

4. Prepare Photo Documentation
Having photographic evidence will go a long way in justifying your claim and may even be required to process your claim.

5. Pay the Invoice
Always pay your invoice, even if you are making a claim. Withholding payment may delay or derail the processing of your claim.

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