Determine Freight Class

Learn how to properly class your freight shipments.

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When booking your LTL freight shipment, one of the questions you’ll need to answer is, What is the class of your shipment? Freight class is catalogued in the National Motor Freight Classification tariff and determined based on several factors such as:

  • Contents of the shipment
  • Value of the shipment
  • Density of the shipment
  • Product’s susceptibility to damage
  • Loadability and handling characteristics of the product

There are a total of 18 possible freight classes ranging from Class 50 (the least expensive) to Class 500 (the most expensive). The higher the class of the shipment, the higher the rate for every hundred pounds you ship.

Your Unishippers freight associate is very knowledgeable about freight classes and can help you determine the appropriate class for your freight shipments along with any applicable rules and packing requirements. You’ll need to know your shipment’s density – which you can calculate using our easy Freight Density Calculator.