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Unishippers believes our customers deserve the very best: the best value for their shipping dollar, the best customer service, and access to the best shipping carriers in the industry for their freight.

As a shipping advisor for tens of thousands of businesses over more than 30 years, Unishippers has assembled a network of trusted freight partners that covers just about every inch of every state and beyond. When you work with Unishippers, you can feel confident that your shipments are being handled by the top LTL freight carriers in the country, ensuring that you have just about every possible option on lanes, transit times, and pricing.

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LTL Freight Carriers Freight Carrier Partner: YRC Worlwide Freight Carrier Partner: Holland Freight Carrier Partner: Reddaway Freight Carrier Partner: Saia Freight Carrier Partner: UPS Freight Freight Carrier Partner: Estes Freight Carrier Partner: New Penn Freight Carrier Partner: R&L Carriers Freight Carrier Partner: Roadrunner Transportation Systems

Why Choose Unishippers

  • Compare freight rates from 65+ top national, regional, and local less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers.
  • Our Freight Manager allows you to compare price, transit times, and add shipping insurance all in one step.
  • Freight carriers with options to get your LTL freight shipped in and out of Canada or Mexico.
  • Reliable transportation services backed by 30+ years of shipping experience working for your business.

Unishippers specializes in LTL freight shipping for businesses. Due to our large volume of shipping and our relationships with top-rated freight carriers, we can pass great savings on to our customers.

Total coverage and total quality? That’s the Unishippers way! Check out our LTL carrier region map, and then get your freight quote started today!

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