Service Alerts – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Service Alerts – Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Last Updated 5/22/20

To our valued customers: As businesses slowly reopen, rest assured that we continue to be here to support your company’s evolving shipping needs. While carriers continue to face some service disruptions into and out of areas over the globe as the result of the COVID-19, the situation is improving weekly. Throughout the crisis, Unishippers has continued to be fully operational and equipped to provide outstanding support to our customers and a safe and healthy workplace or remote support for our teams.

Please continue to book, track and manage your shipments through our TMS, Express Manager and Freight Manager.

Reach out to your local Unishippers team if you have questions about your specific shipping needs.

Small Package (UPS) Service Updates
UPS continues to operate within impacted areas and is considered an essential provider of services with service adjustments.

UPS continues to run daily pickups as scheduled if the business is open. Prior to shipping, please check to see if the recipient’s location is open, since business opening hours may have changed due to local restrictions. If the location is closed, UPS will hold your shipment and attempt to complete the delivery at a later date if the receiving location has indicated to UPS that it will re-open within 9 days. However, if the location is closed indefinitely, UPS will return the package to the sender.

On-call pickups can also be scheduled for residences and businesses. Many pickup and drop off locations, including The UPS Store®, are still operating. Some businesses that serve as UPS Access Point® locations are closing or adjusting their operations. The UPS Global Locator is being updated in real-time to reflect the nearest available active locations.

Suspension of Service Guarantee
Due to the extraordinary operational complexities presented by local, regional and national governmental responses to the coronavirus pandemic, UPS has suspended the UPS Service Guarantee for all shipments from any origin to any destination. These GSR suspensions will be effective until further notice. UPS is not relaxing any commitment times for these services.

If your business is closed and you need to hold delivery or reroute your shipment:

Address Change
You must be the shipper and there is a fee of $17.50 for choosing an address change service. Additional details apply. Please contact your Unishippers support team for further details.

Hold for Pickup
UPS offers the ability to hold your shipment for pickup at one of their local facilities. This is a free service. There is generally a limit on the length of time a package can be held before being returned to the shipper. Please contact your Unishippers support team for further details.

Return to Shipper
If your package is unable to be rerouted or held for pickup, it can be returned to the shipper for a $17.50 service fee. If you need to have a package returned to the shipper, please reach out to your Unishippers support team.

In certain instances, UPS is suspending damage claims if they are unable to inspect the packaging because the business in possession of the package is closed. Once the business re-opens, please contact your Unishippers support team so that UPS can be notified to re-issue the call tag for package inspection.

As of Monday, March 23, 2020, UPS has announced these additional service changes:

UPS Signature Required Guidelines
In the interest of employee and customer safety, UPS’s Signature Required guidelines are being temporarily adjusted so that consignees are no required to physically sign for these deliveries. Drivers will still need to make contact with the consignee who must acknowledge that the UPS deliver is being made and, if applicable, show government-issued photo ID.

My Choice® for Residential Deliveries
UPS My Choice® allows for control in times of uncertainty – customers can specify where to leave deliveries, redirect deliveries to another address and receive notifications on when to expect UPS deliveries.

Peak Surcharge
Beginning April 5, 2020, UPS is implementing a peak surcharge until further notice for Europe and North America import shipments from China and Hong Kong to manage the increased demand for constrained air cargo capacity. The Peak Surcharge will apply to certain shipments originating from mainland China and Hong Kong with North American and Europe destinations.

Freight Service Updates
LTL carriers continue to operate their regular service schedules as feasible and are considered essential providers of services. Carriers continue to prioritize deliveries in more severely impacted areas and Unishippers operations teams are proactively verifying the availability of receivers in those areas.

Many businesses across the country are experiencing temporary closures. Prior to scheduling new pickups, please continue to confirm that the shipper and receiver are both available to ship or receive shipments at this time.

As a result of consignee locations being closed, LTL carriers are experiencing missed deliveries. In order to avoid being assessed standard missed delivery fees, we recommend shippers verify the consignee is open for carrier delivery of shipments during the delivery window that has been selected.

Most carriers are limiting terminal drop offs by shippers. If you need to drop off a shipment at a carrier terminal, please call ahead to make arrangements. (added 4/8/20)

Additional service suspensions are as follows:

The YRC family of carriers and UPS Freight have suspended all guaranteed services.

R&L has confirmed that guaranteed service has been disabled for shipments to/from NY, NJ, PA and CA.

Frontline Freight, Estes and Ward have temporarily suspended inside pickup and inside delivery services. (updated 5/22/20)

ForwardAir has temporarily suspended inside pickup and inside delivery services at all residential locations. This restriction only applies if Residential Pickup AND Inside Pickup are selected, or if Residential Delivery AND Inside Delivery are selected.

Amazon will only accept shipments of household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand essential products to its warehouse until April 5 to deal with the high demand of those products amid the coronavirus crisis.

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