Seasoned business professionals - with franchise ownership experience - take leadership to a new level.

Members of the Unishippers executive management team are experienced
professionals with diverse backgrounds that have also been successful
Unishippers franchisees. Learn more about this group of visionary leaders.

Kevin Lathrop
Chief Executive Officer

Kevin was appointed as Chief Executive Officer in September 2016, and has served as President of Unishippers since January 2011. Lathrop began his Unishippers career in 1992 as owner of the Orange
County North franchise, and for over two decades was a part owner of seven Unishippers franchise
locations. Prior to joining Unishippers, he worked for Hughes Aircraft Company in a variety of engineering
and management positions. Lathrop earned a Bachelor's degree from California State University, Fullerton
and an MBA from the Anderson Graduate School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles.
Steve Leavitt

Steve was appointed as President of Unishippers in May 2017. Steve began his Unishippers career
as a franchise owner in Ohio in 1988 and was one of Unishippers first franchisees. In September 1999
he joined the corporate office, serving as Chief Operations Officer and Executive Vice President. Prior
to joining Unishippers, Leavitt spent 16 years owning and managing six "Yankee Lunch" fast-food
restaurants. He also has worked as a real estate broker.

Robert Rodgers
Chief Operating Officer

Robert has served as Chief Operating Officer since May 2017. Prior to his role as COO, Rob served as
the Chief Financial Officer of Unishippers. Rodgers has an extensive background as a finance leader with
several Fortune 500 companies. Prior to joining Unishippers, he spent six years at Orbital ATK as Vice
President and Corporate Controller. Previous to ATK, Rodgers spent five years at Lockheed Martin and
fourteen years in various finance roles at GE Capital. Rodgers earned a Bachelor's degree from Ohio
Wesleyan University and graduated with Honors from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill with a
Master in Business Administration.

Tim Story
Executive Vice President, Freight Operations

Tim Story has served as Unishippers' Executive Vice President of Freight Operations since October 2014
and also serves as the President of SGI, LLC. In 2001, Mr. Story started his own integration specialty
company, Story Group, Inc. which transitioned into SGI LLC in late 2014. Mr. Story has over 25 years of
experience in transportation management software, including 10 years at Pitney Bowes in software sales
and several years with the Arzoon Corporation.
Dan Lockwood
Executive Chairman

As Unishippers' Executive Chairman, Lockwood focuses on the company's strategic growth initiatives,
as well as carrier relationships and development. Dan has served as an executive at Unishippers since
October 2002, and served as the company’s CEO for five years. In addition to Lockwood's corporate
involvement, he has over 20 years' experience as a Unishippers franchisee. Prior to joining Unishippers,
Lockwood was a General Manager with Traditional Concepts, and also worked for Seaco as a dolphin
trainer in a Navy contracted marine mammal program. Lockwood earned his Bachelor's degree from
San Diego State University.
Alan Humpherys
Vice President, Technology

Alan joined Unishippers in 2004 as the Director of Technology and since September 2014 he's served
as Vice President of Technology. Prior to joining Unishippers, he was VP of Engineering at FutureSmart
Networks and Director of Engineering at Citrix Systems and Novell. Alan started his career as a computer
chip designer at Amdahl Corporation and earned a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from
Brigham Young University.
Alison Smith
Vice President, Operations

Alison joined Unishippers in 2001 as the Manager of Marketing where she was instrumental in a new
branding effort and the creation of The Unishippers Way. She was soon after promoted to Director of
Marketing. She then took on leadership roles in numerous departments, including Franchise Development,
Franchise Relations and Support and Products. Prior to Unishippers, Ms. Smith was a Senior Marketing
Manager for Hanley-Wood Publishing and the Travel Industry Association of America. Smith earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia and a MBA from American University. Smith and her
husband own a The Little Gym franchise located in Cottonwood Heights, Utah since 2006.

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