30th Anniversary Retro Giveaway!

This month marks Unishippers' 30th birthday, and we want you to help us celebrate! For 30 days, we'll share some of our favorite memories from the past 30 years. To enter, comment on Unishippers' daily Facebook post with your favorite memory from that year. Comment on the new Unishippers post daily for plenty of chances to win! Visit Facebook and share a memory.

A Trip Down Memory Lane
Take a look at the memories we’ve shared on Facebook so far. We’re starting in 1987 and going all the way up to 2017!

UniShippers Association (USA) opens its doors in Salt Lake City as a
reseller for Purolator Courier.
Athletes, grab your ping pong paddles! For the first time, the 1988 Summer
Olympic Games includes table tennis as an official sport.
You probably remember the classic AOL alert of the early 90s - "You've got
mail!" This greeting is recorded on a cassette deck by Elwood Edwards and
heard around the world, every minute, for years to come.
Tim Berners-Lee, an English computer scientist, begins to develop the
information management system that later becomes the World Wide Web.
The 1991 Super Bowl halftime show features a performance by the early
'90s boy band, New Kids on the Block. This is the first time the show
features a contemporary pop artist instead of a college marching band.
During a particularly bad storm, a shipping container filled with 28,000
rubber ducks is washed overboard and lost at sea. The ducks are found
around the world for years to come - even as late as 2007!
Premiering on June 11th, Jurassic Park grosses over $914 million dollars,
becoming the most successful film released to date.
Business in the front, party in the back. The term "mullet" is coined and
popularized by the Beastie Boys' 2014 song Mullet Head. The band is
even credited for the term in the Oxford English Dictionary.

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