Unishippers in the News

Unishippers has been in the news! Learn where we fit in the 3PL industry and how we’re contributing to the small business shipping conversation.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Kristin Jolley
(801) 453-0100, ext. 204

Media Mentions

International Business Times
“Tips To Navigate The Peak Shipping Season”
(November 2018)

“Truckers Find A Voice – Yet Another By-Product Of Full Employment”
(August 2018)

The Dow Chemical Company
“Custom Packaging Lessons from Small Businesses”
(May 2018)

Business News Daily
“A Small Business Guide to eCommerce Shipping”
(April 2018)

“Thinking Supply Chain”
(April 2018)

NBC News Online
“Why Millennials Should Start Considering Truck Driving”
(March 2018)

Industry Today
“6 Shipping Mistakes That Will Cost You”
(February 2018)

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