Case Study: Rocky Mountain Railcar Repair

Controlled inbound shipments and decreased transit times.

Rocky Mountain Railcar Repair, a company that buys, sells and repairs railroad cars, was struggling with its inbound freight costs and lack of control. But thanks to Unishippers, this was soon a thing of the past.

Unbeknownst to Rocky Mountain Railcar Repair (RMRR), its vendors were tacking on freight charges to all of their prepaid inbound invoices. Furthermore, the company was struggling with shipping visibility. Freight shipments would leave their vendors’ warehouses and RMRR had no control over transit times and little to no access to tracking.

Unishippers investigated RMRR’s shipping and immediately discovered that not only was RMRR accruing unnecessary costs on their inbound freight, but that the transit times were unnecessarily long. Unishippers was able to implement a process that would allow RMRR to select its own carriers and make choices based on lanes, rates and transit times. These selections would then be relayed back to RMRR’s vendors and the shipments would be booked and sent on their way. Now, with this added level of control, RMRR could help decrease its shipments’ transit times and price – and receive tracking information for increased supply chain visibility.


  • Additional markups on inbound shipments were virtually eliminated, resulting in a nearly 15%
    decrease in shipping costs.
  • Increased visibility and control of both RMRR’s inbound and outbound shipping processes.
  • A decrease in overall transit times. It is estimated that on average, RMRR’s transit times have
    decreased by one full day since partnering with Unishippers.
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