Case Study: Rainharvest Systems

Mitigated misunderstandings and improved shipping processes.

Rainharvest Systems ships a product that many freight carriers can sometimes struggle with: large water reservoir tanks. Unishippers to the rescue!

Rainharvest’s 3PL was not especially helpful providing assistance with classifying the company’s water tanks, resulting in frequent reclassification charges. Furthermore, the company was struggling with communication bottlenecks. Many of its customers underestimated the size of its tanks when ordering, which led to many misunderstandings between the company, its carriers, and its customers. These miscommunications resulted in a high amount of delays and issues with tank deliveries. And freight costs? Rainharvest’s team had serious concerns that its rates were not really that competitive.

Unishippers personally met with key company employees, analyzed Rainharvest’s shipping process line-by-line and determined the proper classifications for the company’s hard-to-ship products. Reclassification fees immediately stopped, and Rainharvest netted an average savings of up to $75 per shipment. To combat the frequent miscommunication issues, Unishippers’ team members personally made calls and monitored the progress of the company’s shipments. This proactive effort drastically reduced the number of refused shipments and unhappy customers.


  • Unishippers identified and corrected classification issues, resulting in an average savings of up
    to $75 per shipment.
  • A decrease in the amount of refused shipments and shipments with issues, thanks to the improved
    communication process Unishippers implemented.
  • Consistently competitive freight rates and an overall decrease in shipping costs.
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