Case Study: Implant Concierge

Achieved inventory management nirvana and website shipping success.

Born on the web, Implant Concierge serves dentists around the world. In 2015, the company tripled its business – a feat made possible through the partnership it formed with Unishippers.

Implant Concierge heavily relies on its website to conduct transactions with customers, prepare shipments, print shipping labels and track parcels. Beyond the obvious shipping pain-points of high shipping costs and substandard customer service, Implant Concierge had another thorn in their side: slow product rental returns. Many customers were not returning their rented instrument kits on time, forcing other customers to wait for the kits they had already ordered. The lag time resulted in unhappy customers and was negatively impacting their brand.

Unishippers team of shipping experts integrated Unishippers’ online transportation management system directly into the Implant Concierge website. This technology allowed for Implant Concierge to book and track shipments seamlessly through its website while receiving Unishippers discounted shipping rates for UPS®. Not only that, but Unishippers technology automatically prints a return shipping label for the customer at the time they rent their instruments and schedules a UPS driver to pick up the return shipment. An added bonus? When Implant Concierge expanded its business outside of the U.S., Unishippers’ already-integrated-technology was able to help them produce all its customs and clearance work automatically online.


  • Increased rental turnaround times, resulting in happier customers and the ability to maintain
    an optimal level of inventory.
  • Implant Concierge tripled its business in 2015, gaining customers across the United States
    and abroad, and attributes part of their success to the partnership it formed with Unishippers.
  • Due to Unishippers global expertise, potential international shipping hiccups were virtually
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