Case Study: Tootie Pies

Boosted online sales and solved a sticky shipping situation.

When Tootie Pie Company decided to expand and sell their award-winning pies online, shipping and logistics quickly became a huge priority. Enter Unishippers.

Due to the perishable nature of Tootie Pie’s product, it was critical that its pies were delivered fresh to its customers, resulting in a strict 2-day time in transit. When internal mix ups or shipping delays occurred, spoiled pies were arriving back on Tootie Pie Company’s doorstep, resulting in high return shipping costs, and even worse, disappointed customers. Plus, the price an online customer had to pay to ship a fresh pie across the country was negatively impacting the order size.

Unishippers quickly analyzed the company’s current shipping processes and mapped out a plan for shipping success. By highlighting several UPS products and services that Tootie Pie Co. was not aware of, the company could reduce costly returns and increase efficiency in their fulfillment department. Unishippers also helped Tootie Pie Co. set up a system which held and destroyed pies that were not going to make the 2-day delivery window at a UPS facility. Now, customers wouldn’t receive spoiled pies and Tootie Pie Company wouldn’t have to pay for return shipping.


  • Unishippers was able to help Tootie Pie Co. improve order fulfillment efficiency, reduce costly
    errors and significantly increase online sales.
  • The risk of mixing up express and ground shipments was eliminated. Previously, these mix ups
    had resulted in spoiled pies and pricey return shipping expenses that cost the company anywhere
    from $10-25 per package.
  • Online sales increased significantly, thanks to Unishippers flat rate pricing program. Tootie Pie
    Company’s online customers can now order multiple pies for one flat rate, prompting an increase
    in order size.