Case Study: ElastoCrete

Tackled freight classifications and reduced surprise shipping fees.

ElastoCrete had anticipated that its revolutionary and proprietary cement formula would be a big hit. But as the company’s shipping needs increased, so did its shipping fees – something that ElastoCrete hadn’t anticipated or budgeted for.

ElastoCrete’s shipping needs grew commensurately with its business, but the company quickly began to see increased costs on its LTL shipments, too. More specifically, these increased costs were associated with surprise liftgate, residential and limited access delivery fees. By the time ElastoCrete received its shipping invoices with these additional fees added on, it was too late. The customer had already been billed on the original quoted amount, causing ElastoCrete to absorb the additional costs themselves.

Unishippers was able to cut down on ElastoCrete’s unforeseen fees by proactively notifying the company so they could plan ahead. And, shipments that were commonly delivered to residential addresses were detected early, which gave Unishippers the opportunity to both advise ElastoCrete and help create workarounds before the fees were assessed. An added bonus? Unishippers discovered that ElastoCrete was incorrectly classifying one of its most commonly shipped products, and as a result, was paying more than it needed to for its shipments.


  • Reduction in unexpected liftgate, residential and limited access delivery fees due to proactive
    monitoring and expert shipping consultation.
  • Double digit savings on one of ElastoCrete’s most frequently shipped items thanks to Unishippers
    NMFC research and classification change recommendation.
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