Case Study: Aircraft Equipment Supplier

Eliminated costly freight fees and simplified logistics.

An aircraft parts company, which had been in business for more than 25 years, saw its growth spike to more than 30 percent year-over-year. The problem? Reclassification and reweigh fees were spiking, too.

When a provider of aircraft and ground support equipment business exploded a few years ago, the company simply did not have the time or shipping expertise to logistically keep up with its expanding order numbers and international shipping requirements. Even more critically, the company was constantly being hit with reclassification and reweigh fees due to the unusual size, weight, and density of its products. When it became clear that its current 3PL was not tackling these issues, the company became desperate for a shipping partner that would handle the logistics so that it could focus on continuing to grow its business.

Unishippers immediately assessed the company’s shipping situation and proposed a large number of changes. First order of business: partnering with its small shipping team to help simplify its shipping. Unishippers reviewed classification requirements and advised the company how to improve their packing processes and correctly weigh its shipments. As a result, the company’s reported weights and NMFC classes became much more accurate, directly leading to a substantial decrease in reclassification and reweigh fees.


  • The amount of reclassification and reweigh fees decreased significantly, saving the company
    approximately $20,000 in its first year with Unishippers.
  • A 50% price decrease on nearly all LTL load shipments, thanks to Unishippers competitive pricing.
  • A more efficient shipping process that allowed the company more time to focus on growing
    its business.
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